Slick magneto gear nut torque

6. There is a torque reading given for the exhaust port stud that is very low (40 in-lbs). 17> __Check Electrical Connections. SB 1-89b . 20. In addition, 70% of the parts in any Slick magneto are interchangeable with the comparable parts in other current production Slick magnetos. Faulty impulse coupling. Recommended ‘TBO 250 Hrs (For SINGLE Magneto) 500 Hrs (For DUAL Magneto) Replace Magneto’s New at engine overhaul. 2" rifle length systems. When drive gear or driver onto magneto, torque nut provided to TCM 120 inch bs. Oil Pump Oil pump bushing - . in the Slick magneto, insert the magneto into the proper location on the accessory case. Ignition is provided by a conventional dual Slick magneto system, model 6350. SL2-94: Impulse Magnetos with Gear for A-65 Engines Mar 1/95 J. 010 to . sb658 1996-08-16 distributor gear maintenance. Connecting Rods a. Business Hours E-mail & Phone Numbers Address & Directions Policy for Aircraft & Avionics Sales Policy for Radio Control Sales A cut out for a 1/2 drive allows the tool to be used with a torque wrench or ratchet driver. Right side gears Remove cover plate and keep small amount of heavy grease on gear train. slick . The clutch mechanism shuts off the air supply when the desired torque level is met, preventing over-torque. Do not force the T-118 into the block and gear assembly. E. sb96-3b 1996-10-14 crankshaft gear bolt inspection. Slick OEM parts pricing appears to be set so high that a new mag is the best option if more than one major part needs replacement. 12)Attach a ground wire to the magneto. main oil gallery also flows to the cam and valve gear passages, and is then Bendix magnetos are designed to permit periodic internal maintenance; Slick ( d) As a final check, hold the torque wrench on each nut for about five seconds. Do not over grease as leaks will occur and also may adversely affect clutch operation. Reply Delete The Slick 4316 Magneto is very easy to time. ). I'm not sure why this is; asking the techs at the shop some of it is Slick and some of it is liability for the repair. Changed note at bottom to reflect magnetos using 2 Woodruff Keys. msb94-8a 1996-10-09 magneto to engine timing. 7 N-m). 13)Attach the high tension outlet cover to the magneto. complete engine packages are available 2 2000-07-01 Fuel Pump - Torque Tighten ReliefValve Cover-Screws Recommended Refer to Textron Lycoming SB 529 BN2, BN2A,BN2B with IO-540 Textron Lycming engines Cover SB. (18) Install ignition harness assemblies on the magnetos. SNL85-39 08/23/1985 Informational Magneto 'P' Lead Nut Torque Applies To Aircraft With Slick Magnetos Only NA SNL85-35R1 08/23/1985 Informational Use Of Airplane Lights For Daytime Recognition FAA Safety Program 'Operation Lights On' NA SNL85-34 08/09/1985 Informational Proper Engine Break-in Procedure Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Repair facility We hold Powerplant, Accessory and Non-destructive testing (NDT) ratings. The new transmissions have an improved torque converter that is 1″ larger in diameter then the older units. Jul 05, 2010 · Nut, gear retainer: 21. Magneto Gear 36606 Continental C74, C85, C90, O-200, Io-240 For Slick Magnetos For Sale Online. If you find a fold over washer in there don't leverage off anything which might snap in the process of refolding it. S. Box 5219 • Waco, TX 76708 Phone: (254) 752-8381 • Fax: (254) 752-3307 • www. 99) M1797, m-1797, bendix s20 / s200 magneto harness ferrule, 5940-01-112-4292(US $19. 99. damaged . Be sure not to over-torque the P-lead nut. 14> __Check Flap Actuator Rod End and Jam Nut for Security. 12 V. Remove the cotter pin, nut, washer and drive gear from the magneto drive Gasket (1 used with Slick magnetos). Glad to have PMA options to keep Slicks going. It is offered with a harness. $275. 67 oil drain tube We stock parts for these Piper airplanes: Single Engine Piper Airplanes Piper J-3 Cub parts, Piper PA-11 aircraft parts, Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser, Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser, Piper PA-16 Clipper aircraft parts, Piper PA-18 Super Cub aircraft parts, Piper PA-20 Pacer aircraft parts, Piper PA-22 Colt aircraft parts, Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer aircraft parts, Piper PA-24 Comanche aircraft parts Champion - Slick Distributor Block & Gear Assembly | K3823 Used on Slick Magneto Model 6309 Used on Slick Magneto Model 6310 Used on Slick Magneto Model 6313 Used on Slick Magneto Model 6 9) With the magneto set in position, first tighten each nut to 8 foot -pounds. This will cause the aircraft's magneto not to work therefore the aircraft's engine will not start. slick ign. This series focuses on maintenance performed during an effective 100 hr. 1203. 1> __Remove Wheel Pant But that was for a complete harness (both magnetos). The impulse gears attached to the Bendix or Eismann magnetos that fit any Continental with a -8 suffix will not fit any Slick magneto. Torque nut to 13-15 in. LYCOMING MAGNETO DRIVE GEARS Lycoming Engine Drive Gears FAA PMA B. Jul 02/2015 gear. 2 Position magneto In place while holding plunger. M1462, m-1462, nos slick aircraft magneto ignition harness nut / spark plug end(US $19. 99) M1463, m-1463, new / nos slick aircraft magneto ignition harness seal spring(US $19. Local Florida (386) 873-4123 Local Oregon (541) 476-6605. MFG’SNO, 1 ~~ NAME Stromberg Model NA-S3Al Marvel Schebler Model MA-3SPA Marvel Schebler Model MS-84240 4 4 Ford I Prestolite I ADDRESS Slick Electro The star of the Chevrolet performance lineup, the 6. Also should the gear have a bit of end play. The 4330 Slick Magneto by Champion is an aircraft magneto meant for several models of 4-cylinder aircraft engines. Featuring information for the Clone, Predator, LO206, Animal, and Flathead, Unlimited, and 2 Cycle kart racing engines. When reattaching the ignition wires, remember to use two wrenches when tightening the nut to make sure you don’t twist the wire. Torque the 5/16 bolts to 15 ft-lbs w/ red loctite (high strength) Torque the 1/4 bolts to 9 ft-lbs w/ red loctite (high strength) See fig. As an FAA/EASA Class I and Class II Repair Station, we are able to service Slick by Champion and CMI/Bendix single and dual magnetos in accordance with the latest manufacturer’s instructions. Apply in stages criss cross, leave sitting overnite, re check the following day. 60 : M1462-T1-10 A loose magneto will result in the magneto clamp wearing into the magneto mounting flange. . Insert a cotter pin through the nut castellations and rotor shaft and Also, when timing the magneto, prior to installing on the engine, you must "spark out" the "throw away" model by spinning the timing gear to set the magneto on cylinder number one. I put a big wrench on the left side on the mag nut, about maybe 30 degrees above horizontal, then used my right foot on the rear brake pedal. torque and secure the nut with the new P/N STD-713 cotter pin. 4368 Hex screws for starter gear: 8mm: 22: 195: Studs for water outlet socket: 6mm: 3: 25: Hex nut for water outlet socket: 6mm: 5: 45: Lock nut for water pump impeller: 6mm: 7: 60: Taptite screws for water pump housing: 6mm: 8: 70: Hex screws for gear box 8mm: 24: 210: Hex collar screw for gear box housing: 8mm: 24: 210: Hex screw for drive gear 1 The cam gear and crankshaft gear move, but bind at specific areas. The following are Manditory Parts that must be changed to qualify as Overhaul. 00: Slick single ignition magneto: Call: Geared starter for 109T ring gear: 225. However, there were differences of opinion. 3 FIG. 00 (EU), EUR120. , however with the larger engines we use 25 degrees B. These two gears moved freely before disassembly. Magneto Gear. These points units were not the most thought out unit as setting them had some challenges and is the wiring screw had another nut to hold the block in place with a second nut to secure the wires, it could be easier. 13 May 2015 Page T-10 Added Slick part number to oil callout. Please try again later. Also installed is a secondary alternator, which is capable of 10 amps. in. Both mags have had inspections and now both have been replaced. Install the P/N LW-14910 magneto drive coupling on the magneto shaft; then reassemble the washer and nut removed in step 4. 5 kg. b. Some of our custom-made gears are going into Testing equipment, ventilators, and new technologies resulting from this crisis. 1994 – 1995: 75 ft-lbs: 4C: BASE / COUPE: 2015 – 2015: Refer to owner’s manual ft-lbs K5816 Harness Cap - Lead Kit (6300 Series, 5/8-24) Price: $632. D 06 ‘Airborne’ Vacuum Pump. I'll explain more when I post the Ignition System blog Looking for go-kart parts? Monster Scooter Parts loves go-karts! We stock a variety of replacement go-kart (or go cart parts) for your 4-wheel fun machine. 4300/6300 Series Magneto Maintenance & Overhaul Manual (L-1363G) Y. Replaced left magneto by Q. 020". E 211 CCS. 3. ramaircraft. 5. Slicks just dont last. This leaves a natural " give " or elasticity necessary in the long studs to allow column growth when fully hot. 3/4-20 Harness Nut - Spark Plug End (Plain) (Pack of 10) $82. I cannot find any information on the torque value for the drive gear retaining nut. Caution: Do not over torque or head bolts may break off. 10-51365-54 Oem Magneto: Magneto, Type S6RN-21: Wytwornia ((Pezetel ) Engine models identical to those specified for OEM (10-prefix) magneto of same base number and suffix) Request For Price: 5648932-20: 5648932-20: SEAL In order to insure proper torque, you may have to add a washer or two. Install magneto. Sep 29, 2006 · The Ultimate Source Guide for Flathead Ford V8 Performance Ford's Flathead V-8, the Engine That Gave Birth to Hot Rodding, Is Back in Vogue, and Here's Everything You Need to Know About It. 7505 Karl May Drive • Waco Regional Airport • P. 020" play between drive gear and impulse coupling. Correct as necessary. Picture: Engine mount - Dynafocal, shows rubber Lord mount Picture: P lead connection - D2000 magneto P lead connection . 2L LT1 V8 with the capability of 455 horsepower and 455 lb. (with a new gasket installed) Do not force it, but let is slide into engagement with the gear that drives it. T. Valve adjustment – Positive or compression. (7) To remove engine-to-magneto drive gear train backlash, turn engine magneto drive as far Torque nut to 13-15 in. both magnetos had factory torque seal applied to top cover screw. 5-22. That should be easy, you say. Torque Model Multiplier Proto Drive 6202 3/4” 1/2” NOS NIB X X NIB NOS Torque 6202 3/4” Model 1/2” Proto Multiplier Drive. " Torque nut to 120-180 in-lbs on magnetos with attached drive gears. Torque fastening bolts for the magneto in this position (20 Nm). 101. For this load condition, consider the following comparison (see chart, point B for Edrive and point D for Sky-Tec). May 05, 2013 · P/N 20B122XX, 101 countershaft gear with bushings and shaft, EUR260. $136. mag gear - 10-157123y. 10 Jun 2006 configuration has been altered by the use of dual magnetos housed in a single housing. $500. Larger torque converters have a better mechanical advantage, hold more fluid and are easier to cool and have more clutch capacity. 8. Here you will find everything you need to rebuild your gear box the proper way. You can rest assured that each engine we build is meticulously inspected, machined, customized and assembled by master builders before it is […] MI-No. The nut has to be slacked off a bit to align with the pin hole in the shaft. Slick magnetos are engineered so that mechanical parts wear at a balanced rate. The Slick harness is set up for shielded plugs, so at least four REM40E shielded plugs will be required. Someone along the last 50 years evidently changed that. Labor is a big inhibitor as well. ) 31 72-00-09. Piper - 400 166 - BOLTS - (AN5-23) (Qty 2) - Torque Link Piper - 401 456 - Rod-Axle(AN6-76A) 3/8 x 8. Ignition timing check – Spark plug servicing. Our fully equipped state-of-art overhaul, maintenance and repair facility has been the key to our success for providing the total Lycoming and Continental Motors aircraft engine overhaul package for fast and reliable repair and overhaul of aircraft engine cylinders, camshaft SNL85-39 08/23/1985 Informational Magneto 'P' Lead Nut Torque Applies To Aircraft With Slick Magnetos Only NA SNL85-35R1 08/23/1985 Informational Use Of Airplane Lights For Daytime Recognition FAA Safety Program 'Operation Lights On' NA SNL85-34 08/09/1985 Informational Proper Engine Break-in Procedure Rush Gears is open and manufacturing parts in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Picture: Pressurized Magneto - Pressure line connected to magneto (Navajo) Picture: Radial engine connecting rods - Master and articulating rod example (17) Attach the switch retard breaker lead to the retard post on the magneto (left magneto only) using a lockwasher and nut. 5 inch hex nut to the proper torque setting of 65 in/lb. It doesn’t make much difference whether the plug wires go to the upper or lower plugs, just so each mag fires 1-2-3-4-5-6 in that order and is routed to cylinders 1-6-3-2-5-4. Toggle Slick). Torque nut to 120-180 in-lbs on magnetos with attached drive gears. Head Nut Torque: PEI gave me this figure. Includes a torque wrench to ensure proper barrel nut torque for maximum accuracy. Precision CNC Machined from aeospace Super Alloy, this Torque Tube is Lightweight yet takes heavy duty abuse of the Outlaw Circuit. lyc . It is now bad (egap, coil, etc). 5 This Slick 4270 (non-impulse) magneto was removed from a Lycoming O-320-E2D in 2005 to install a P-mag. or smaller we have always set the mag/engine timing at 28 degrees B. Fuel high pressure pump Assemble the gear of the fuel high pressure pump by using specified tool. 99 FREE Shipping Slick Magneto - Direct Drive - 6350 The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. There must be . harness plate 2 hole - m2375 rotor gear slick 6300 - m3828. On the newer, rebuildable magnetos, Slick supplies a little "pin", a T-118 timing pin, which is used to set the magneto timing to the number one cylinder (See photo). to 140 ft Steelman 3/4-Inch Drive x 33mm (1-5/16-Inch) 475 ft-lb Torque Stick, Prevents Over-Tightening of Lug Nuts, Brown Powder-Coated Steel $59. 3. Inflate tyre to correct pressure. sb96-12 1996-09-10 continued airworthiness instructions for tcm cylinders. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. When it comes to your Ford Windstar, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. 86. The damage noted was consistent with a loss of torque on the crankshaft assembly. (204 in. use only the nstallation hardware providect TC_M nut appropriate cotter pin. They claim engine starts on the 2nd or 3rd blade every time, hot or cold. install the two P/N LW ­14230 magneto drive cushion s (from the modification kit) in the magneto drive adapter. Using your magneto timing pin or a 3/32" pop rivet, inset it into the hole marked "R". Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices. Four studs 3/8-16 NC stud end, 3/8-24-NF-3 nut end, driven to a height above pad of -I / 16". 00: 16-06-06-E: Hi-torque starter for 12v ring gear: (9) Examine the magneto angle to help make sure you put it in the same position for installation. Improper maintenance usually occurs when magneto maintenance is performed in the field and the nuts holding the magneto clamps in position are removed or loosened. 5 to 1. Lock nut for oil pump gear M6- 5 - 45 14. 5/16-18 x 7/8" hex hea cap screws are Next came the nut torque. For those that use only one impulse coupling, verify that the non-impulse coupling magneto is grounded during starting. 4363 - . Added Consumables Torque nut to 120-180 in-lbs on magnetos with attached drive gears. A failed impulse coupling can cause the crankshaft gear to break off. Cart 0 Product Products (empty) Cessna: 172RG; Cracked Main Gear Actuator; ATA 3233 A licensed aircraft mechanic states, “On a dual training flight a student and instructor heard a noise when the (aircraft’s) landing gear was retracted. PAGE# SUBJECT 194 SNL85-35 Use of Airplane Lights for Daytime Recognition SNL85-36 Credit Extension for P210 Inconel Exhaust system SNL85-39 Magneto "P" Lead Nut torque SNL85-40 Elevator Trim Tab Acutator Rod Installation 172/Skyhawk 194 Soak o rings in MEK or acetone for easier removal 195 Throttle cable PN 52544-2 195 Maingear Bracket PN THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS • For Sale Slick T-100 magneto assy & timing kit never used. Inspect pawls and stop pin for wear. 21 Idler Gear and Tachometer Shaft Assemblies (cont’d. Our team can assist you in configuring the perfect engine to suit your recreational flying needs. GEAR, HELICAL: A gear with straight or curved teeth cut at an angle of less than 90° to the direction of rotation. screw for starter M6 - 10 - 90 11. 0. The gear box was changed in 1958 from the larger 5 bolt lower unit to a smaller 4 bolt unit. 8 Nov 2012 A Direct Drive Magneto gear (NOT PROVIDED IN EIS KIT). It costs more for a few Slick parts than it does for an exchange most of the time. SL3-94: Impulse Magnetos for TCM "E" Series Engines Nov 30/94 K. favorite this post Jul 17 Piper, Zee Flap P/N 65595-001 $50 (Santa Monica) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. MAGNETO Slick 4000/6000 • Hard Starting Distributor Gear bushings excessively worn Torque nut to 120-320 in-Ibs on magnetos with attached drive gears. 172s . Magneto housing nut M22x1. Tighten the nut to 20-25 ft. Produce your own torque wrench extension chart. Reading Lycoming forums, some were spouting this as the proper reading. C. 18> __Check Pitot Tube and Plumbing. 014” to . 00 Nov 09, 2016 · The LaRue Tactical handguard is a free floating high quality quad rail that is CNC-machined out of aluminum and ranges from 7" Carbine to 13. GEAR, HERRINGBONE: A gear with V-teeth. SONERAI, MAGNETO TIMING, The Monnett Aero Vee conversion uses a stock 4216 Slick Magneto with a lag angle of 25 degrees. I can do the exchange for $650 or pay a guy $80/hr to tear down and inspect, troubleshoot, then reassemble. MAINTENANCE MANUAL EXTRA 300LT 20-10-05 Measuring Techniques When using stop nuts, the safety torque (friction torque or braking torque) should be added to the table standard values. P/N 28C30, mainshaft for 101 is available to special order. 529A, “Torque Values for Drive Shaft Nut” S. Place the removed impulse coupling washer on the shaft or magneto drive gear and washer as required. Confidential Subjects Forums in this category may be posted to anonymously to prevent identification of a poster. The engine is fitted with a 60 amp 14 volt main alternator with internal regulator. of torque, will accelerate the 8-speed automatic Camaro SS from 0 to 60 in 4. It came promptly and is now ready for installation. crankshaft. This also instantly signals the end of the cycle to the operator; The torque reaction felt when proper torque is reached is minimized by the innovative clutch design. Landing Gear Pieces, 402 Horiz. What takes the brunt of this is the hardened teeth of the 2nd gear main shaft, the starter plate teeth or the gear that is meshed to the 2nd gear main shaft. I believe the mags were overhauled when the engine was installed. 1314 . On the early engines, the brackets are secured to the case means of two studs. Refer to Textron Lycoming SB 529 255 1 1998-12-01 Engine Magneto Impulse-Coupling Inspection Cover BN2, BN2A,BN2B, BN2A MkIII with Textron Lycming engines and Slick magnetos LASAR is the world's leading Mooney Service Center and parts supplier. Kit Includes: 1 Notched Barrel Nut Wrench; 1 Brass Shim; 1 Smooth Barrel Nov 11, 2019 · Once gear set is installed use the supplied 5/16-18x1-1/2 & 1/4-20x1-1/2 bolts to secure the trap door. Proto Torque Multiplier Model 6202 NIB NOS 1/2” X 3/4” Drive Proto Torque Multiplier $164. At this point it was a head-scratcher, because here we’ve just put a brand new Slick 4300 series magneto on the right side of the engine and we’re still getting popping, misfiring, the same thing. I. Hex Nut Clecos, Wing Nut Clecos, Assortment Landing Gear Scissors, Actuators, Trunnions, Torque Tubes, Retract Rods, Forks, Shimmy Magneto Cores: Slick Dec 15, 2014 · •The kinetic energy of the spinning flywheel isThe kinetic energy of the spinning flywheel is converted to mechanical energy to drive engineconverted to mechanical energy to drive engine crankshaft. 39. The double-ended Savage Barrel Nut Wrench allows easy removal of the barrel nut on both early and late model Savage 10 and 110 series rifles. (k) 2009fa0000790 . Also had to replace right mag 125 hrs ago too. This Slick Magneto has some key features that differentiate it from other Slick Magnetos: a. Dec 18, 2017 · NOTE: AN ALTERNATIVE TO OVERHAUL IS COMPLETE MAGNETO REPLACEMENT WITH A NEW SLICK MAGNETO. 662 may be obtained from Slick Electro Inc. Rotate magneto by hand against the engine rotating sense until the light turns off. Inspect impulse coupling nut for torque. 1 - 24 The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming I0-540, direct drive, horizontally opposed engine rated at 260 HP. E-Drive - Ideal cranking, well below limit 145/155 rpm at 50 ft*lbs of torque. 5 - 90 - 800 9. , Rockford, Illinois 61100. Below is the parts at cost to Overhaul a Slick 4371 I am replacing the Eisemann Magnetos on my A65 with Slick 4333. lbs. m Driving gear Fuel high pressure pump Install the fuel high pressure pump on the backside of the fly wheel housing. 00 Next came the nut torque. magnetos, a Textron-Lycoming 61665 Drive Gear is required. Refer to Textron Lycoming SB 529 255 1 1998-12-01 Engine Magneto Impulse-Coupling Inspection Cover BN2, BN2A,BN2B, BN2A MkIII with Textron Lycming engines and Slick magnetos Jan 11, 2012 · Another slick idea for you guys is to use the OEM VW Filter Pump Oil Pump. Acceptable Continental Motor's Bendix core magnetos are: Bendix 20, 200 and 1200 series Magnetos. acft mx removed rt magneto for visual insp and found the same damage as the lt magneto. 6. 100-120 Nut, Slick Mag Gear to. Next, turn the gear 180 degrees. 80. 123 The more recent switch to steel on steel requires increased nut torque to get the two If you repair or overhaul your Slick magneto . magneto Also, when timing the magneto, prior to installing on the engine, you must "spark out" the "throw away" model by spinning the timing gear to set the magneto on cylinder number one. c. Turn of the nut torque, nylock nut torques. Rotary valve cover screws M8 - 22 - 195 12. Torque nut to 120-320 in-Ibs on magnetos with attached drive gears. SL1-10: Slick 400, 600, 4200, and 6200 Series Magneto Replacement Jul 16/2010 L. From tires to batteries to an entire go-kart engine, we have the go-kart parts that you want. 7. Page 109 DV11 Operation and Maintenance 3. Aero Sport Power has been a pioneer of “stroker engine” technology with hundreds of engines flying world-wide. But these only come compatible with 4 Bolt “Dished” cams. In Service Torque Specifications, corrected M-3019 Impulse Coupling Nut torque value to. One person holds the strap wrench, the other torques the nut to about 60 Ft/Lbs. M. Provides a precise shut-off to the preset torque. (d) Install and time low-tension Ignition system magneto-to-engine, at a definite crankshaft position, using the following procedures. refer to the Slick Maintenance Manual for the procedure and proper adjustment of the contact. 25-1. NEW SLICK MAGNETOS INCORPORATE ALL THE LATEST DESIGN FEATURES AND ARE A COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO OVERHAUL. Install magneto drive gear onto the magneto impulse coupling where applicable C. The gear from the SF4 can be used with the non-impulse 4302. 2. Service instructions for Slick Magneto Model No. Ultimately, the flange thickness will be reduced and the flange will fail. Install the split nylon-bushing onto the shaft. com Magneto overhaul John Rossen Dinuba Ca 559 591 3359 (from Steve ‘Gandy) Maxwell Magneto (cheaper than El Reno) (per Terry ) Magneto repair Eisemann Savage Magneto they like vintage mags, take forever to repair (per Bud Struck. Beware super slick types such as used for con rod bolts, unless specified. Otherwise the nut has to be tightened hard to match the next hole. 41-1. I thought it was pretty slick. 3: Starter Mount Assembly: German Sm465 Updated . Description Magneto Slick Model 447 Slick Model 4001 Scintilla Model SRN-2 1 Scintilla Model S4LN-2 1 Delco-Remy Delco-Remy Delco-Remy Starter Generator Voltage Regulator I Carburetor Alternator Alternator _. Additionally, all magnetos require a 500 hour periodic inspection. Stab Core, 400 Series Nose Gear Doors, 402 Engine Fire Bottle System “A. Also, be very careful not to over-tighten the nut. Probably a bit of eng oil would suffice. 30 to 32 ft lbs. Point gap setting incorrect. c. 1 GENERAL ORDER OF DISASSEMBLY Remove: Impulse Coupling Woodruff Key Distributor Housing Assembly Condenser Rotor Gear Contact Breaker You can find the Service Bulletins for Continental Aerospace Technologies™ Type Certificated Gasoline Engines below. Regular greasing if required will help reduce gear wear and keep gear train quiet. 11)Connect the P lead to the magneto. 5 FIG. Apr 01, 2020 · Even perfect pucks can be destroyed in minuets with an 80 Metra installed on a ZA50. Then turn the magneto slowly backwards until the timing light just comes on. Sm465 Updated 3rd Gear 3-4 Slider Torque-lock, 3rd Gear Spacer Hd Detent Springs. 5 1. (17) Attach the switch retard breaker lead to the retard post on the magneto (left magneto only) using a lockwasher and nut. Verify that the attaching nuts P/N STD1410 are torqued to 17 ft. Subject Download L1700 L2000 L2400 Issued; 7. 58A Recommended ‘TBO’ 500 Hrs or 6years from Manufacture Tubing Nut; Ultra-Lite Inboard Brake Kit; Ultralite Left Front Rotor Kit; Vented Inboard Brake Rotor; Wilwood 4 3/4" Brake Pad; Wilwood 4" Brake Pad; Wilwood Ben Cook Inboard Brake Kit; Carbon Fiber Accessories. ) '53 B-model N146YS SN:25713 Magneto Maintenance Carburetor ~mintenance Valve ~appet Adjustment Reversing Gear Adjustment - Joes Models Reversing Gear Adjustment - Paragon Manual Reversing Gear Adjustment - Paragon Hydraulic Sta-Nu-Tral Manual Transmission Oil Pressure Regulator Adjustment Spark Plug Maintenance Fuel Pump Maintenance Maintenance of V-Drive Units Magneto Clearance. Check the maintenance manual for the proper torque. Sky-Tec - Spins the engine too fast 295/305 rpm at 50 ft*lbs of torque. Problematic and time consuming misfit. Call us now: Office Line +1 (954) 805-9795 Search. Cylinder head nuts M8 - 22 - 195 8. Service instructions for Bendix Magneto Model S6RN-201, S6RN-205, S6RN-1201 and S6RN-1205 may be obtained from Bendix Corporation, Electrical Components Division, Sidney, New York 13830. Rush Gears is open and manufacturing parts in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 72-00-09. P/N 20B124X, 101 sprocket driver gear, EUR150. The left landing gear remained in a partially retracted position, unable to actuate up or down. Stock OEM REAR ALUMINUM RIM. Place the removed impulse coupling nut onto the rotor shaft and torque to 120-180 in/lbs. 3: Starter Mount Assembly: German The rotation speed of our motors is much higher than that of a plane magneto, so the spring rate must be increased accordingly . 018” OK guys, I have been browsing the site all morning looking for engine and clutch torque specs for an 09 800 xp. Kellys new washer and castellated nut did not really fit the cotter pin hole location on the shaft of the magneto. I'll explain more when I post the Ignition System blog ALUMINUM ALLOY. “M2555” Screw in item 22 has been replaced by “M3021” Screw. when slick says 12 inch lbs they mean it. -lbs. 14 Aug 1987 any Continental Engine equipped with Slick Magnetos. gear . Contact breaker points for Bosch D magnetos have long been a problem, but are now available new You can torque it to about 25 foot-pounds or more this way. 31 Jan 2006 brands: Slick magnetos, Slick ignition harnesses, Slick ignition replacement parts the thread size on the spark plug barrel that mates with the harness lead nut. 21 Nov 2017 B. I am weary of buying Slick mags but we wont be doing anymore inspections. 99) For reference, the 36066 drive gears are the same ones used for the 4201/4301 magnetos that fit the O-200. Quality Aircraft Accessories is a Slick distributor and stocks new magnetos for sale, but also has the capabilities to overhaul and repair customer units economically. The left magneto harness is marked “left” and the right magneto harness is marked “right”. Price: $20. This value is indicated on the dial of the torquemeter, before the nut contacts the attachment surface. 80 Bolt Set (175-1) M5x16 Bolt (180-87) M6x25 Cover Bolts (180-13) M6x25 Cover Bolts (180-13) Magneto Rotor (148-198) Main Stand Pin (151-132) Mainstand Axis Bushing (151-130) Meter Gear Bushing (148-359) Minarelli 50cc Kick Starter Shaft - 85mm Length (161-229) Minarelli 50cc Kick Starter Shaft A Beechcraft (Raytheon) Owners & Pilots Group providing discussion forums for all Beech aircraft. 23 Accessory Housing 35 72-00-09. The cost of these parts far exceed the cost of an exchange (NEW) magneto. Verify the number of impulse couplings that are used for the particular magneto/engine installation. But we have Budget 4 Bolt Dished Cams in mild performance grinds, that are PERFECT for what you are doing without breaking the bank! NOW, I am installing dual Slick Magnetos (6393 retard left, 6350 plain right). Service was in Part magneto is checks. 00 (World). cessna . magneto gasket: 10-357546: gear assy: 10-357584: shim nose gear torque link: 1241015-7: nut slick ignition parts: Yamaha Sportsman KT100 Kart Racing Engine. Manual for L-16 No need to have it scanned. $50. A. Remove the three screws that hold on the spark plug wire housing block. Under the 6365 magneto column, changed item 11 from “M3499” to M5617”. Easy to maintain- Slick magnetos use up to 50% fewer parts than the competitive aircraft magnetos. in the case to align the brackets, one dowel for each bracket. Our fully equipped state-of-art overhaul, maintenance and repair facility has been the key to our success for providing the total Lycoming and Continental Motors aircraft engine overhaul package for fast and reliable repair and overhaul of aircraft engine cylinders, camshaft Specific Torque for Non-Lubricated Hardware Torque Value Size Fastener In-lbs Ft-lbs Model Affected #8-32 Screw, Throttle Lever 17. "Bendix" magneto, the bottom magneto clamp, the dowel pin, the crankshaft gear, the lock tab, the crankshaft, and the crankshaft bolt. Support ends of timing pinion shaft and drive pinion shaft between two centering spindles. SEB09- SEB96-13, 08/16/1996, Mandatory, Engine Crankshaft Gear Bolt Inspection See TCM's SNL85-39, 08/23/1985, Informational, Magneto 'P' Lead Nut Torque 27 Jun 2013 Slick Electro 4301 (both sides) or 1 ea 18-20 in-ibs. Jun 12, 2020 · We have 31 CESSNA 150 SERIES Aircraft For Sale. Also there was a internal change in how the pinion gear (drive gear in the gearbox) was attached to the driveshaft with it being changed from a friction fit onto the driveshaft to a splined fit. 20 Idler Gear and Tachometer Shaft Assemblies 30 72-00-09. Using a timing light fire up the engine and check timing with the light through the kehole on the flywheel housing. Torque the pivot screw to 15-18 in- shaft nut, and install a cotter pin to retain each gear. Nut P/N 649496 is a flanged 6 point (hex) nut requiring a torque value of 790-810 inch lbs. 005 TIR. Ignition – Model 6A8-215-B8F 2 Magnetos Model 6A8-215-B9F 1 Magneto and 1 Distributor Firing Order Cyls . For engines of 2020 c. $60 Torque it to 30 to 35 ft/lbs and attach the ignition lead. I can't get the left mag with the impulse coupler to time with the red plastic gear mark in view. Some manuals spec the lube. years or at engine TBO, whichever occurs first. 24 Oil Pump Assembly 36 Main gear hoses replaced with new hoses left and right AN6-25a bolts and PSI 0062-8-624C nuts, torque to 20 foot pounds. Customer Service Orders: (800) 447-3408. When removing and resintalling the mag, Nov 21, 2017 · I. 00 4330 Slick Magneto. Hook up the P-leads, other wires and ignition harness caps, in that order. 306: LAMP: 12: New: 307: LAMP: 2: New: 913: Switch Cessna (new part number is 913X) 2: NEW SURPLUS: 1280: EGT Probe: 1: New: 1383: GE lamp 13V: 1: NEW SURPLUS: 1683 400 Series Main Gear Pistons, 400 Series L/H Windshield New, Nose Gear Scrappers, Gear Door Torque Tubes, Spinners, Damaged 400 Series Gear Doors, Misc. lbs. Check the key on the magneto. Item 31 is deleted. Intake rubber flange screws M8 - 14 - 125 13. We have the extra capacity, the knowledge, and the fastest response time in the gear business. When the pucks go, there is nothing to absorb the impact of the shift between 1st and 2nd gear. 030" between magnet keeper faces and coil ring pole bosses: Fuel Capacity: 10 Gallons - Range approx 200 mile. I already have all three L-16 manuals electronically. Install a magneto drive gear from a non-impulse magneto onto the shaft of the sensor module using the same woodruff key as well as the LSE supplied washer and locknut. Torque conversions for foot-pounds, inch-pounds, ounce-inch, and Newton-meter. Will also fit the model 12 rifles. Gear nut torque 11±0. 2 FIG. (Smile) I note that in attending 4 Berliner Ducati schools, all of which were about as half ass as the one described in the book, at no point were torque specifications ever discussed. For this thread, though, the lube choice on nut threads and face alter clamping force and fastener tension/elongation. D. Apr 02, 2016 · Basic Steps to install a Slick Magneto. Picture: Magneto drive - Gear, impulse coupling, corrosion damaged . Apr 09, 2020 · Hi I am replacing the Eisemann Magnetos on my A65 with Slick 4333. In airframe installations where it might be difficult to access the attaching nuts, use a torque wrench with a crowfoot attachment. Putting in a rebuilt mag tomorrow. This is the base engine from the factory. Simple break away design lets the operator know when the proper torque has been reached. 4/100mm Bolt Pattern. On the magneto housing block you will notice two raised letters, L for left and R for right. Sid 6/17/09 M16x1 Nut (180-86) M16x1. io360l2a : m3827 . R. The timing marks on the cam gear and crank gear line up properly. Allen screws starter pulley M8 - 22 - 195 10Hex. 00 (EU), EUR208. Make Model Submodel Year Range Torque; ALFA ROMEO: 164: 4 DOOR / QUAD. 1375. This includes Slick magnetos overhauled by third parties. Details of this installation can be found in Slick Service Letter SL1-93. Remove the cotter pin , P/N STD­61 nut, P/N STD­143 washer, and drive gear from the magneto drive shaft and the gasket from the magneto flange. NOW, I am installing dual Slick Magnetos (6393 retard left, 6350 plain right). lbs (See note 4 below) the governor gear will wobble, and if the stub shaft Spencer Aircraft - your source for Aircraft Parts, Industrial & MIL-Spec hardware, Pilot Supplies, Advanced Cleaners and Aviation Related Gifts. Accessory Drive Components Bulletin No. The aircraft, an RV-6, had flown around 400 hours since new. Ignition ; This series of motors used a WICO magneto ignition, with points and condensers. Fuel Consumption: Approx. In today’s episode, we talk about the proper torque value for single engine Cessna fuel strainers, or gascolators. Remove the retaining nut from the end of the magneto and remove the gear. This feature is not available right now. We had to try combinations of old and new to find a fit within the torque limits of the overhaul procedure. Did You Know? Publication number M-0, Standard Practice Maintenance Manual for Spark Ignited Engines is now available. Remove the left and right magneto drive gear assemblies. 14)Tighten the P lead nut to a torque of 13 to 15 inch Exp Aircraft Services Continental Gear; Service Bulletin Search. 1: Preservation of Engines: German: English: all: all: all: 23 Mar 2006: 8. Alternator Load B-nut Torque and Loosening. sb659 1996-11-13 magneto impulse coupling stop pin installation. While accomplishing the un-torque check IAW SP145-32-0097, the nut fell off the subject axle as torque was applied to the upper attach axle 5. 1 Both Eismann Magnetos 32 ° BTC Auto-Lite Distributor 2° BTC Scintilla Magneto 32 ° BTC Spark Plugs Auto-Lite A-4 ` Spark Plug Gap . a. Overtorqued impulse coupling Aircraft Engine Overhaul & Repair facility We hold Powerplant, Accessory and Non-destructive testing (NDT) ratings. Included are 5 different torque extension bars made up of chrome Molybdenum, color coded and ranging from 65 ft. **FITS MOST 150 BUGGIES including Kinroad, Roketa, BMS, Kandi, Roketa, SunL, Hammerhead and others. Feb 02, 2020 · Magneto <- . Search our online parts catalog to find wide range of parts for your car make and models. Same thing. I figured we could post them all under one thread so the info is easier found in the future. Why? Because Champion Aerospace offers the SureStart Ignition Booster for their dual Slick Magneto Systems. com Next came the nut torque. -ft. (10) Remove the nuts, washers and clamps that attach the magneto to the engine housing. All Slick magnetos that were manufactured in the last 25 years use a small pin that is inserted through the distributor block and through a corresponding hole in the distributor gear. Aircraft/engine since new has 701 hrs. Compression check – … Continue reading The 100 hour Radial Gear holder tools are often required to lock up turning parts to loosen and tighten fasteners. Take the magneto to the work bench, put a spark wire in #4 (firing order 1-3-4-2 clockwise) turn the magneto until it thows a spark, turn coupler back 1/4 turn so that it lines up to the drive slots of the governor. 00 Karting Forums. 10)Tighten each nut from one side to another, to a torque of 17 foot-pounds. Reversethe magneto on the T- 100 base so the torque range, remove nut and lightly lap the Unison Industries Slick 4200/4300/6200/6300 Magnetos Inspection. 22 Accessory Drive Gear Arrangement 32 72-00-09. 99) M2373, m-2373, m 2373, new / nos slick aircraft magneto impulse coupling(US $199. (The nut may otherwise run up against the shank, due to the L-19 using a thicker main leafspring than the 170 series. This ensures that you achieve consistent torque accuracy on each and every piece. magneto gear - 10-357586. Most every pilot is familiar with the buzz box timing tool for setting external timing. Every time an attaching nut P/N STD1410 is removed, install a new internal tooth lock washer P/N STD475 as shown in Figure 2. SL1-17 Impulse Coupling Nut Torque Aug 17/2017 9. Nut P/N 634505 is a flanged 6 point (hex) nut requiring a torque value of 690-710 inch lbs. Looking Gear extension, down-lock & door closing; test-on jacks MLG door nylon sliders for wear/delamination Winglet fuel vents-functional Fuselage drain holes (3), rudder (2), wings/speed brakes (1 each wing) Emergency survival gear and critical spares in baggage compartment Jan 01, 2020 · I angle torque most things and keep records of rod bolt lengths to . SLICK 4300. Refer to Figure favorite this post Jul 17 Cessna 210, L/H Clamshell Gear Door P/N 1241150-203 $250 (Santa Monica) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 104. 1 – 4 – 5 – 2 – 3 – 6 Spark Timing on Cylinder No. A. 94. Sid 6/17/09 Experiencing gear box issues? Are you performing a gear box rebuild and need replacement parts? If you said yes to both then you are in the right section of our site. Wasted $350 in my view. Ignition Systems Master Manual Form X40000. O. (13) Attach the high tension outlet cover to the magneto. Place a new P/N 62224 gasket over the studs on the magneto mounting pad in the accessory housing. Dry torque all nuts evenly to a torque value of 140 – 150 lb. txt) or read online for free. sb96-11 1996-09-10 propeller strikes and hydraulic locks. Find parts from high gears, bearings, seals, oil seal kits, shifter forks, gaskets, and more. GEAR, CLUSTER: Two or more gears of different sizes made in one solid piece. 5-1. Remedy: Torque nut to 120-320 in-lbs on magnetos with attached drive gears. the most popular engine in kart racing at tracks accross the USA and beyond. Torque Tube Nut Set Price: $10. 101 sliding gear. Ignition Leads (Slick) Furnished on Bendix Magnetos, Replacement. Over tight pulls on the lug and grounds out the capacitor ,sometimes it is a intermittent . So take really good care when you reassemble to set one of the faston rests under the mobil point blade. On the newer, rebuildable magneto's, Slick supplies a little "pin", a T-118 timing pin, which is used to set the magneto timing to the number one cylinder. inspection on R1340 and R985 engines: Oil Change with filter/screen & sump checks. Each magneto is “tagged” with an 8130-3 form and dual release (FAA and EASA) is available to you upon request at no additional charge. 9. This set of torque extension bars is a This set of torque extension bars is a must if you use an impact wrench for tightening fasteners. (14) Tighten the P lead nut to a torque of 13 to 15 inch-pounds (1. Click here for the Diesel Engines service bulletins Feb 11, 2013 · [QUOTE=McDaver63;58554]When you say you can turn the magneto gear 180 deg. ”, Tip Tank Fairings, Etc. 1 Depress magneto timing plunger and turn magneto shaft until plunger engages fully In notch of magneto shaft. 020” play between drive gear and impulse coupling. 5 Nut (180-139) M5x0. The tab for the wire is oriented slightly different than the Slick version. Some individuals may try and get by with a folded rag or a penny between the gears, but be warned these improvised gear holders can fail with damaging consequences. Search our listings for used & new airplanes updated daily from 100's of private sellers & dealers. This is one of those “special torques,” and it’s worth checking the maintenance manual for the proper torque value… otherwise, it’s so easy to overtorque the base nut that holds the fuel strainer in place. 1. 00 Gary Van Farowe 616-795-5650 • Contact Gary Van farowe - FLYING DUTCHMAN AVIATION LLC, Owner - located Hudsonville, MI Usa • Telephone: 616-795-5650 • 616-875-8670 • Posted June 14, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend The 14 mm nut on the magneto’s drive gear secured by the special “star” washer that is held in place by the circlip Next loosen the 6 small screws that hold the impulse/timing retard mechanism to the magneto about 5 or 6 turns – don’t take them all the way out. 4 FIG. Castle nuts are fairly common in powersports vehicles. every time I had a early failure with a slick mag it was failures of the p lead to the cap due to over tightening the p lead nut. (1) . 6340 and 6391 magneto columns, changed item 11 from “M3801” to M5618”. Made from 3/16" steel. Refer to TCM's. Magneto. NOTE: torque to 120-180 in/lbs. 20-25 MPG @ 35 MPH: Drive Type: Planetary transmission, 2 forward speeds, 1 reverse, rear wheel drive via torque tube driveline and bevel cut gear closed differential, final drive TORQUE SPECS Main Head Bolts - 15 lbf-ft then 44 lbf-ft (Criss-cross sequence) Small Head Bolts - 89 in-lbs Cam Sprocket Bolt - 22 ft-lbs (Loctite) Cam Retainer Bolt -89 in-lbs Cam Tensioner Bolts - 53 in-lbs (Loctite) Crank Sensor Bolt - 89 in-lbs Valve Cover Bolts - 62 in-lbs This is for the 800s. 41 S-20/200 Magnetos Various Nut, Magneto Ground Terminal 13-15 Continental Torques - Free download as PDF File (. Pilots of America - The Front Porch of Aviation. Install the cotter pin through the castle nut and impulse coupled MTH shaft with the long Tighten the spark plug nut to a torque value of 95 in-lb. (most mags will have a pair of rubber isolators between the drive gear and the magneto. 38. left magneto, with the right magneto grounded through the ignition switch during starting. L. Includes common torque values, fastener strengths, torque calculation. Using a dial indicator check run-out and balance flywheel to within . You then want to replace the gear, nut, and cotter key. SL4300/6300-74-20-001: Timing Inspection Information Feb 18/2015 M. Champion Oil Filter Torque Wrench Oil Nut Wrench Use this pin to lock the gears of Slick magnetos and maintain the correct timing position prior to removal. The dowel was found to have fatigue fractures emanating from 13> __Check Flap Torque Tube for Cracks/Distortion. Over-torqued impulse coupling nut. Nut torque is 120-300 inch pounds. 00 Magnetos, Slick: Model 4392: Magnetos, Bendix: S4RN - 20 / 21 no gear reduction box Unmatched horsepower / torque ratio Most Economical engine in its class Torque Rods & Brackets U-Bars Fifth Wheel Slick Plate Frame Rails Lug Nut Cover Set Lug Nut Cover. 16> __Check Skin Condition and Rivets. The crank shaft gear and oil pump gear move freely when the cam gear is removed from the engine. Fasten the gear in a soft jaw vise and tighten the nut to 30 lbs/ft ensuring that the washer is centered on the shaft. For SLICK 4201, 4301: Switch timing light on. Starters and Worm Gears in Aircraft Piston Engines. This generation also used crappy plastic valve body pistons to cut down noise. -> <- 200 in. 2 2000-07-01 Fuel Pump - Torque Tighten ReliefValve Cover-Screws Recommended Refer to Textron Lycoming SB 529 BN2, BN2A,BN2B with IO-540 Textron Lycming engines Cover SB. Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft including the Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster and Europa, as well as factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney. Install a new spreader bolt, washer and nut. GEAR, BULL: A gear or sprocket that is much larger than the others in the same power train. SL1-17 Impulse Coupling Nut Torque. DUH! So, I need to find a way to use the rear brake to hold the wheel while the torque is on the mag. External timing sets the spark relative to piston top dead center. Banjo bolt for oil pump M6 - 6 - 55 Visit here to find car parts online by inventory for wholesale prices at Buy Auto Parts. The cam shaft and gear are true. Lock nut for clutch on “I WiCO MAGNETO a. Moving up the cost scale, the Slick K4335 single impulse mag/gear combo and half harness would work. 001" variation max. Owner may extend ‘recommended TBO’ by Regular monitoring. The addition of a bit driver and bit holder with six common bits adds to the versatility. It was working well when removed (but the P-mag worked better!). 19 Cylinder Base Nuts Sequence of Tightening 27 72-00-09. The best way to tighten it the rest of the way is to purchase a strap wrench that can hold the flywheel around its perimeter. Then turn in stock aluminium ( I made in a 2017 10 mm sheet ) a ring 27 mm ID 60 mm OD 9 mm thick. PITTAUTO. Nut P/N 652541 is a flanged 12-point nut requiring a torque value of 790-810 inch lbs. pdf), Text File (. The buzz box is also used to set internal timing (see “Internal Timing for Slick Magnetos,” November 2013), but to test internal timing, a magneto spark tester is needed. Rightline Gear Rightline Gear; RIGID Industries RIGID Industries; Ringbrothers Ringbrothers; RKI RKI; Road Armor Road Armor; Roadmaster Roadmaster; Rock Hard 4x4 Parts Rock Hard 4x4 Parts; Rock Krawler Suspension Rock Krawler Suspension; Rock Slide Eng Rock Slide Eng; Roland Sands Design Roland Sands Design; Romik USA Romik USA; Roto Pax Roto Allows the shooter ro precisely tighten the . Timed it to the engine, buzzboxed it, fired the engine up. To quote a Slick service tip, "it is extremely important to observe the 13 to 15 in/lb torque limit when tightening down the P-lead nut onto the condenser stud. Slick magnetos are a brand of aircraft magneto manufactured by Champion Aerospace. Inspect the left and right magneto drive rubber bushings for damage. the WicO Magneto best on the “L” Model Ducati Engine torque values from Master Mechanic/Author Tom Bailey: Torque specification is described in the workshop manual as --"Tight". Champion (Slick ) Magneto Filter Replacement . "This event occurred late in the evening," says a quality manager, "during disassembly of the landing gear at overhaul. Note, this is for one gear! Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab MI-No. with Magneto & Gear Cover Parts 15-16 Magneto Parts 31-34 Muffler and Manifold 3-4 Oil Filter, Oil Filler Mounting 11-12 Oil Pump 13-14 Piston, Rings, Connecting Rod 5-6 Reduction Gear Assembly 55-62 Starters – Electric 42-44 Pitt Auto Electric Company Call Toll Free 800-245-0711 Fax Toll Free 800-551-5908 Website WWW. Or just apply the rear brake. Note: if the gear has an odd number of teeth, the timing will change by 1/2 a tooth. During the late '80s the rotor shaft for the Slick magneto was changed to incorporate slots to accommodate the Slick T-150 E-gap gauge In the latest and greatest version of the Slick Magneto Overhaul & Maintenance manual, the torque on ALL slick magneto drive nuts is 120 - 180 INLB, NOT 120-320 inlb!!! The over-torquing of the drive gear nut HAS caused major cracks in the drive assemblies, especially in 4309 & 4310 magnetos. Title | Partnumber BRAKE HOUSING | 61-87 Molex C14X w/pins | 61A0010 Pin | 62002-003 RIB-NOSE | 62022-003 FN | 621-0566-001 DME Display Filter w/Hold | 621-0677-002 INSP PANEL | 62109-000 CAVITY TUBE HOLDER | 621-9916-001 Coupler Accessory Kit, Transponder | 62-2040 Collins Receiver VOR/LOC (VIR-30) | 622-0876-004 COLLINS DME INDICATOR | 622 A typical 6 cylinder Lycoming engine requires 50-60 ft*lbs of torque to start. be used to maintain or overhaul a Slick Magneto that contains. 4373 - . Attachment in or out of gear M. 9/9/2009 . Points are set at . Sep 03, 2015 · This is the third topic in the series about the 100 hour / annual inspection. 11 Aug 2015 to engine overhaul), torque the replacement nut P/N 652541 to the required Nut, Magneto to Crankcase. We are experts on Mooneys, which makes us the best shop for your plane. Profiles for buffer tube lock nut and flash hider are included. The Work performed as described below has be. Stake nut. COM Contents 7. Buy McFarlane - Main Gear Torque Link In Bushing | CA101-810024-3 and other McFarlane Aircraft Parts at Pilots HQ. Adjust the clearance of the slave. Includes the Bonanza, Baron, King Air, and Premier lines of airplanes, turboprops, and turbojets. 4. SB1-15 Potential decreased service life of Slick 4-cylinder magneto distributor. 58 S-1200 Magnetos #10-32 Nut, Magneto Ground Terminal 15-17 1. Yes, the gear is supposed to be a little loose. Whenever I do anything serious on the engine, I like to have someone that knows engines to work with. Do you mean by flipping it over? Isn't the gear woodruff keyed to the shaft? Or is the another key slot at 180 deg? I'm having the same problem. 10-4. Advance Auto Parts has 5 different Transmission Torque Converter for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. Remove cotter pin, nut, washer and drive gear. 14. Paint 1” wide creap marks on tyre and rim with red paint. the lip material was found throughout the inside of magneto housing. REF 22-17: OEM Stock Parts for TrailMaster 150/300 XRS / XRX Go Kart. Hose Fitting (“B” Nut) Torque Specifications . But it fits fine and works well. Customer Support: (800) 447-3408. Features two 1/2" square drive holes for a swing bar or torque wrench. 025" -> Connecting Rod Nut/Bolt Torque <- 200 in. 15> __Check Wingwalk Condition. •A torque overload clutch located between the flywheel-ratchet jaws prevent damage to the engine or starter when its first engaged. 19> __Reinstall Inspection Plates and Fairings LANDING GEAR GROUP. Accessory Drive Gear and Shaft Dowel Replacement. Install a jamb nut onto each end of the rod; Attach the tie-rod end to the bracket on the spindle by inserting the retaining bolt; Install the locking collar on the steering shaft, placing it so that it rests against the bottom pitman arm. Aviation Administration and found to be in airwort FAA-PMAA roved Work Performed: Changed oil and filter. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are, so if you know them,please post here. Dont clamp the magneto or inpulse coupling during instalation. stud end, 7/16-20-NF-3 nut end, driven to a height above pad of 1-1/8". 99 $ 59 . Slick 400/600, 4200/6200, 4300/6300 series Magnetos as well as any LASAR Magnetos. Save on Fasteners at Amazon's Fastener Store, featuring every day low prices on Screws, Nuts, Washers and More. A successful gear up landing was made. See the product page for a list of compatible pumps. Torque to 45 ft. pdf), When the aircraft engine crankshaft rotates, gears B. 0 seconds flat. So if anyone want a right magneto Slick ignition harness for a Continental 6-cylinder, let me know, it’s yours for $300 with free shipping! I built the airplane but I purchased the engine. Gear Driven Alternator Replacement, Forward Mount . Carbon Fiber Aero Fuel Tank Cover; Carbon Fiber Aero Visor; Carbon Fiber Air Dam; Carbon Fiber Dash; Carbon Fiber Driver Wicker Bill What have you tried? Can't you just put it in gear and stick a rod through a hole in the sprocket (so you don't bend spokes). See following paragraph 2. Impulse coupling fails to return to unwound position Inspect impulse coupling nut for torque. 3 If magneto does not line up with centerline of Shopping (continued) Brakes & Accessories (continued) Titanium Inboard Brake Rotor; Titanium Inboard Rotor Mounting Kit; Right Rear or Left Rear Titanium Floating Brake Kit Permits reuse of fittings; saves stud, bolt, and nut replacement Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the nut & bolt are torque to the designed K-Factor Assures full hydraulic efficiency Table of Limits for minimum drive torque. Also requires shielded plugs. 4388 Master gear shaft - . If you're looking for a Tempest vacuum pump shear coupling, we have their 82-00067 urethane shear coupling. Originally, the Left magneto fired the lower plugs and the Right magneto fired the upper plugs. 120-180 Changed oil callout for distributor block and gear assembly oilite bearings. 025" – . Aero Accessories supplies replacement parts like fuel pumps, dry air pumps, oil filter tools and supplies and magneto parts. 9 #10-32 Nut, Magneto Ground Terminal 17-19 1. 20 Slick - 4370 - MAGS - Magneto and Harness Piper - 450 765 - Compass assembly (Needs Fluid) Piper - 450-646 - INSTRUMENT - Tachometer (0905. 00) Piper - 4509 - Light-Landing (PS10008-4509) 100 W. Hold/clamp the gear with somthing soft/non-marring, torque the nut to a mid-range value, tighten until the next hole lines up for the cotter pin, bend cotter pin to a "smile" shaped curve and install. 18 Jul 2018 Manual - Magneto Slick 4200&6200 - Free download as PDF File (. Worn pawls or stop pin Inspect pawls and stop pin for wear. The best part is, our Ford Windstar Transmission Torque Converter products start from as little as $99. We make torque easy. slick magneto gear nut torque

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